“be the church” fast

June 10 - june 14

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 the why


At Ignite Church, we want to honor God by creating opportunities to grow together as a community, creating opportunities to know God better, and doing things that lift the human spirit. 

That is why we are fasting.


the purpose

It’s about pausing one area of our lives that seems to always be on auto pilot (eating) so we can focus on other people; their needs, frustrations, struggles, and yea...their hunger.

  • It’s about coming together as a community to grow in our faith and share the experience of helping others in the community.

  • It's about having a better understanding of God's heart in scripture and reaffirming his passionate desire that we love one another.

  • It’s about investing a dose of good in the world so that people feel more freedom from the things that seem to hold them down from thriving in their purpose.

We see that if the whole world read Isaiah Chapter 58 (especially verses 6 and 7) and did what God said, the world would turn right-side-up in less than a week. No...we’re not kidding. here is what it asks us to do when we fast:

    • Break the chains of injustice

    • Get rid of exploitation in the workplace

    • Free the oppressed

    • Cancel debts

    • Feed the hungry

    • Shelter the homeless

    • Provide and give clothing to those who need

    • Be there for family

Now, you tell us if this isn’t one one of the coolest Biblical instructions you have ever heard!

The when and how


June 10 - June 14 2019


Step 1 : Sign up!

If you think this would be a cool/meaningful experience to be a part of, commit to it then:

  1. Sign up!

  2. Invite friends you think would be awesome to do this with. Like a “Let’s do something good together” sort of thing (Simply share this page online and yell “I’m doing this! Join me!”.lol) - This could be really powerful

  3. If you have kids, this would be an AWESOME opportunity to teach them about the importance of making sacrifices to take care of people in the community who need help.

  4. If you can, plan to be at Ignite Family Night on June 14th in Brooklyn (the location information will be sent week of the fast). It’s ok if you can’t make it but we would love to have you. Good fun. Great people.


Step 2: Prepare!

From May 26th to June 9th, we prepare. We identify who we want to help, how we want to help, and start prepping.

The three specific areas we will focus on during this fast are:

  1. Feeding the hungry

  2. Providing clothing to those in need

  3. Providing shelter (or enhancing the current shelter) for those in need


Step 3: Participate

Together, we fast for 5 days from June 10th to June 14th, and we give up some of our own comfort (meals, clothing etc) in order to serve and care for those around us.

During the fast, participants will receive guides to help make it awesome! Everything from “How to prepare for your fast, how to identify people you can help, how to pray, how to journal your experience and so on.

Participants in the New York City area will be able to come together for a sponsored dinner to break the fast during Ignite Family Night on June 14th

Sign up now to start getting your guides!


  1. I am not really a “practicing Christian”. Can I still do this?

    Of course! That’s not even a question. It’s just great that you want to serve others

  2. I don’t live in/near New York City. Can I still do this?

    Absolutely! Sign up and you’ll still be able to do everything (except join us for dinner to break the fast)

  3. I can’t fast right now. But i’d love to give financially. How will that work?

    Thank you for this. You can make a donation to the “Serving NYC” fund to do exactly what this fast was all about (see above). By the way, because we are a religious organization, we are a 501c3 organization and that means that these donations are tax deductible for you.