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Why we gather

Because we need each other. We can’t do it alone. Part of how the world gets better is when we learn from God (together) how to live and love. Our lives get better when we can find encouragement from others and yet at the same time, be a source of encouragement for others.

We gather because when we collectively connect with and worship God, we share special moments together. Moments of inspiration, wisdom, revelation, growth, love and collective adoration of our heavenly father.

what we do

Not necessarily in this order, we usually have an encouraging message, uplifting time of singing and dancing, reflection and prayers, and lots of time to connect with the Ignite family! Don't worry, dancing is optional but you probably won't be able to sit still once the music gets going.

what we wear

We wear what's comfortable. Some dress it up a bit, and some dress it down. We are fine either way. We are easy going. We also know it’s not about us so we don't dress to impress or draw attention to ourselves. We want everyone to be comfortable as they come and we want everyone to be comfortable as they relate with each other.





@ 12pm


Rockwood Music Hall

196 Allen Street, New York NY 10002


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